Discovering Effective Natural Pesticides

Little-known Neem tree amazes researchers

In wake of the environmental devastation caused by indiscriminate agricultural use of toxic synthetic pesticides, scientists worldwide have placed increasingly high priority on the discovery and development of effective alternative green-friendly natural pesticides.

Their search has lead them to the legendary “Heal All” Neem tree of the Indian sub-continent.  Little-known in the west, the extraordinary medicinal properties of this tree have amazed researchers such as Dr. Martin Jacobson of the USDA-ARS, who confidently concluded that “No plant material with greater activity has yet been found“.  Although the Neem tree’s fruit, flowers, leaves, and trunk have been used in various health products for thousands of years, the search for natural pesticides has focused on the seeds of this remarkable tree.

Containing the naturally-occurring pesticide Azadirachtin, Neem seeds have become sought-after for use in a revolutionary new natural pesticide named AzaGuard.  Harnessing the natural power of Azadirachtin, AzaGuard provides superior wide spectrum control of over 300 insect species! AzaGuard’s breakthrough scientific formula utilizes multiple modes of action to effectively prevent insects from molting between the larval, pupal, and nymphal stages.  In addition, AzaGuard is also designed to destroy harmful plant nematodes, and to repel insects, greatly reducing insect plant damage.

Not only is AzaGuard a powerful pesticide, it is completely biodegradable and leaves no toxic chemical residues, making it the ideal environmentally-friendly replacement for traditional toxic synthetic pesticides.

Furthermore, when applied to plant root-zones, AzaGuard’s systemic mode of action causes it to move up through the xylem tissues of the plant, resulting in long-lasting, effective insect control.

AzaGuard is an indispensable part of any Integrated Pest Management plan for disease control and sustainable crop production.  Because of its systemic mode of action, it is best applied to transplants before planting, and at low pest levels. It is recommended for many disease control applications including shrubs, turf grass, trees, ornamentals of all types, mushroom houses, greenhouses, interiorscapes, nurseries, and field crops.

AzaGuard’s revolutionary scientific formula meets the rigorous standards of the National Organic Program, and has been shown, through extensive laboratory testing, to be non- phytotoxic at labelled rates.  AzaGuard is also exempt from tolerances and is applicable from seed to harvest.

AzaGuard is compatible with most commonly-used insecticides, fertilizers, and fungicides, and can be conveniently applied as a drench or foliar spray using common pesticide application methods including fogging, chemigation, electrostatic, high-volume, low-volume, and ultra-low volume.

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Powerful Natural Pesticides Derived From Neem Seed

BioSafe Systems’ Director of Research, Vijay Choppakatla is interviewed by EnviroSelects’ Brady Vander Woude about why AzaGuard, a botanical insecticide, is a powerful, environmentally-friendly alternative to the toxic insecticides and pesticides on the market today.